I Consider Susan a Friend and Confidant!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
I have been a long-time client of Susan. I rented a house from her for approximately 6 years. Any time I had any requests or issues, she promptly took care of me without hesitation and with friendly demeanor. When I had random questions, which had nothing to do with housing, Susan was always quick to offer advice and assistance. At the end of the 6 years of renting with her, she was extremely helpful in locating a house to buy. Susan was very willing to bear with me while looking at many, many houses as I was very picky. I had finally found my dream home and have been a proud first-time homeowner for a year now. Even though Susan has no obligation to work with me anymore, she still is very helpful and informative anytime I have questions. I consider Susan a friend and confidant. I highly recommend Susan’s services for all your realty needs.

Dom and Angela Battle
Susan is Outstanding!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Susan Richelieu was outstanding in the entire purchase process. She made my wife and I feel very comfortable.

Nick DeFranco
She's a 10!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Susan is a rare one. She has an excellent work ethic and she is smart - she thinks ahead. I have been around Real Estate my whole life, my dad was a broker. She anticipates my needs and always follows through quickly. On a scale of 1 to 10, she's a 10!

Mike Taylor
Susan Was Wonderful!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Susan was wonderful! She changed my opinion of Real Estate agents.

Thomas Dempsey III
Susan Works Tirelessly!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Susan helped us sell a home we'd been trying to sell with another realtor for over 8 years! The house had been a financial drain on us and we simply needed to sell it, not make money on it. Instead of arguing and insisting we list it for higher price, she listened, understood, and agreed to list it slightly under market value to help it sell. Other realtors proved unwilling to do this despite the fact, as Susan put it, that the seller can sell for any price they choose. Susan worked tirelessly with our tenant and property manager during the sale process. This may sound like a small matter, but in fact it was tremendously helpful, especially since we were not in Idaho, but on the other side of the country. She coordinated all the showings, inspections, and other viewings of the house and even smoothed the way when the volume of visits to the house (necessary for the process) began to bother the tenants. Lastly, Susan advised and communicated clearly about the process and kept us well informed even though we were so far away. She was honest and took the time to explain terminology so that we understood clearly what was in the sales offer and contract. We felt she went over and above to help us successfully sell our former home. We were very grateful for her help and absolutely recommend her to help you sell (or buy) real estate! Becky

Rebecca Ainslie-Perez
Susan Was Our Perfect Realtor!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
My husband and I were first time home buyers and really needed a knowledgeable realtor that could answer all our questions and be available to help us through every step of the home buying process. Susan was the perfect realtor for us. She left none of our questions unanswered, always responded promptly, and was available by phone, text, email, or in person whenever we needed her. Once we selected a home, she referred us to a great title company as well a wonderful mortgage company. It's been several months since we closed on our home and Susan has still made herself available to answer any questions we have. She is very honest and we feel like she always has our best interests in mind. She made our home buying process a very smooth, easy, and enjoyable experience. We highly recommend Susan for all of your realtor needs.

Hailey and Kory Olaveson
She Treated Us Like Family!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Being a first-time home buyer is one of the scariest things that my husband and I have ever done but thankfully we had Susan to walk us through the process step by step. From the first time, we met with Susan we felt absolutely comfortable. She told us that she would take care of us as if we were her own children buying a house for the first time. That statement she made could not have truer. Susan treated us like family and she took the time to understand what type of home we wanted and our style. After looking at several houses, Susan helped us come to the decision that we wanted to build our own custom house. Susan went to all of the designing sessions with us and helped us understand what was truly important for the house in terms of practicality and value. Without her advice, we wouldn’t be living in our dream home now. Susan asked the tough questions with our builders that we didn’t know to ask. Her knowledge was incredible and she stood up for us on numerous occasions. She supported my husband and myself from the first time we met until long after we signed the final papers on our home. Susan truly understands how to determine what is important to her clients in a home, how to negotiate and what questions to ask, as well as standing up for her clients to make sure that everything is done perfectly for them. I can’t speak highly enough of Susan and all of the hard work she put in for us to create our dream home. We are so lucky to have worked with her and recommend her to anyone who is looking for their home or wanting to build one. Thank you again Susan, Keanne and Michael Canup

Keanne and Michael Canup
You Will Not Be Disappointed!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
I would like to say (a way overdue) Thank You to Susan Richelieu for all the hard work and dedication she provided to me when it came managing and selling my property. Susan and A Change of Place, LLC managed my property from 2010-2016; during this time, I never worried about a thing when it came to my property. I received nothing but professional assistance the entire time. Susan had the best interest for all parties involved while managing and selling my property. Between Susan and Lori Bott, they gave me peace of mind knowing my property was under their care. I would definitely recommend Susan's service to anyone; you will not be disappointed! I cannot thank Susan and A Change of Place enough for all they have done for me over the years. Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated!!!

Lesa Bellotte
Knowledgeable and Wonderful
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Susan was as knowledgeable as she was wonderful in helping my find my perfect house. It only took one showing because she knew what she found was exactly what I wanted. The house was perfect, her insight was amazing, and it was the easiest process I had been through. I don’t think I would’ve found that with another realtor. From beginning to end, Susan was there with all the answers to all my questions. Thanks for all your help, understanding, and helping me reach my goal of owning my perfect home!

Shonna Adams
Our Exclusive Idaho Agent
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
As, out of State owners, we had to rely on Susan to market our property, stay in touch, and represent our best interests. She took great care of us when we bought this property as an investment and again when we sold it several years later. We would use her as our exclusive agent in Idaho and we would recommend her to our friends. Susan really knows her market area and she works incredibly hard for her clients. Diane Wallace

Diane Wallace
Professional and Compassionate!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Our family moved to Mountain Home, Idaho not knowing anything about the State or our new town after finding a great home on the internet. Susan met us with no prior notice and immediately went to work helping us to present our offer and obtain the home of our dreams. Susan is so professional while also giving us great compassion at our unfamiliarity with the locality, amenities and even history of our new home. Our entire transaction was so smooth as Susan presented counteroffers after inspection, kept us informed throughout the process and got us the best deal possible in a very short period of time. Time was critical to us as we were hold up in a hotel room (with 8 people) awaiting closing. I personally have been in real estate for 14 years of my working career and I would recommend Susan for the most seasoned real estate person to the first time home buyer for her ability to manage the process with complete professionalism, compassion and expertise. Carol P.

Carol Pleasant
Susan Never Gives Up!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
What Kevin and I appreciated was the fact you didn't give up in helping us find a house. When it looked like one wasn't going to work you already had others in mind. You kept a level head even though Kevin and I were stressed. I became grouchy and you acted like you didn't even notice. You were there to answer questions beyond the 9-5 work day. Even on the weekends you were there. We really appreciate what you have done for us and we wish you well. Kevin & Sonya Holcomb

Kevin and Sonya Holcomb
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Our family was growing but unfortunately our home wasn't. When my wife and I finally made the decision to sell and build a new home there were all lot of choices for our real estate needs. Some brokers wanted 5% and others 6% to sell our home. That to us seemed unreasonable. We worked hard to build up equity over time and didn't want to give nearly a third of it to a Realtor. I then got in contact with Susan Richelieu at Assist 2 Sell. Susan told us that she could sell our home at a significantly lesser rate and offer the same full service assistance as all other realtors in town. Hard to believe, right? To be completely honest, she was wrong, because she wasn't just as good as other realtors in town...SHE WAS BETTER!! Susan did an amazing job marketing our home and she even found the buyer. She did everything and stayed in constant communication with us so that we were never left in the dark. We had an accepted offer within 2 months! The best part is she saved us over $5000 in real estate fees. All of that money went back in our pocket and into our new home. Thank you Susan for representing my family. You truly are the best in the business. Matt and Michelle Chandler

Matt and Michelle Chandler
Susan is amazing!
Testimonial for Susan Richelieu
Susan is just a joy to work with, I've appreciated her skill and knowledge for years!

Hinsel Scott